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πŸ“† Thursday, May 2nd at 7:00pmΒ 

Breathwork & Sound Healing for Anxiety Relief

πŸ“ In-Person at Modern Wellness, New York

Join us for a guided somatic breathwork experience to alleviate stress, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm through the power of trauma informed pranayama breathing.

You'll experience the benefits of:

- Somatic breathwork for your mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being

- Learn how to find your calm, clarity, and resilience

- Enjoy deeply relaxing sound healing experience


πŸ“† Thursday, May 16th at 7:00pmΒ 

Breathwork & Sound Healing For Relaxation

πŸ“ In-Person at Reiki Shores in Island Park, New York

Join us for a somatic breathwork and crystal bowl sound healing experience.

So that you can:

> Release stress

> Cleanse your energy

> Emerge feeling refreshed

Embrace the spring season feeling renewed, rejuvenated, and aligned.Β 

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πŸ“† Thursday, May 30th at 7:45pmΒ 

Monthly Breathwork + Sound Healing Circle

πŸ“ In-Person at Yoga Shack in Bethpage, New York

This class is set in an intimate setting with by candlelight and music creating a powerful, yet nurturing environment that allows you to feel safe, empowered, and supported.

Rachel will guide you through about 30 minutes of an ACTIVE breath, followed by a release portion that involves a more soothing breath, followed by a meditation, bringing you into the end of your session.

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πŸ“† Friday, July 26th at 1:00pmΒ 

Tuning into Spirit: Somatic Breathwork and Intuitive Writing

πŸ“ In-Person at Om Yoga Festival in Arlington, Vermont

Journey through somatic meditative breathwork and experience mindful awareness, somatic safety, and tuning into the voice of your intuition. Using an activating pranayama breath, quiet the noise of the outside world, cleanse the space of your inner β€œhome”, and receive wisdom from your soul body. Opening the breath and body allows you to feel into and connect to your spiritual channel by inviting in gentle movements. Each movement is activated by guided affirmations and/or channeled visualizations.

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hey there!

Hello, I'm Rachel! I am a trauma informed Somatic Coach and Breathwork Facilitator

I work with body-based, inner child healing, and mindful self compassion approach to support you in easing anxiety, increasing confidence, and connecting with your most compassionate self.
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client reviews

Laura M

β˜…Β β˜…Β β˜…Β β˜…Β β˜…

Rachel was so amazing to work with! She helped to connect me with breath with ease and coached me every step of the way. Something I do not do very well! She is such a sweet and caring soul! After our session, I felt so rejuvenated and full of energy and clarity! It was exactly what I needed!

Brittanie C.

β˜…Β β˜…Β β˜…Β β˜…Β β˜…

Not only does Rachel provide one on one sessions, each month she also sends out a mantra of the month with journaling prompts to go along. That alone helped me get back to journaling and allowed me be more intentional with my time. Every month being able to reflect on my progress and continue making positive changes to get to be a more confident version of myself. Rachel's workshops are so calming and relaxing yet immensely impactful and powerful. After the workshops I feel a lot lighter, more grounded and happy that I made time for myself.

Melissa A.

β˜…Β β˜…Β β˜…Β β˜…Β β˜…

I’ve attended one of Rae’s breathwork classes and it was such a wonderful experience! I felt so calm and renewed after. She has a gentle and grounding presence. I’d recommend her any of her offerings!

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