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(#40) Why Breathwork is So Transformational and Life Changing

On today's episode of The Raediant Life Podcast, your host Rae shares in-depth about how breathwork is transformational, and why she loves it so much! Tune in to receive:

  • An understanding of the science behind breathwork and how it affects the body
  • The history of breathwork and how it shows up in the world today
  • Learn different methods for how to incorporate it into your every day life 
  • Understand the mind-body connection and why breathwork is a great tool for strengthening this 


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Disclaimer: Please remember that the information shared on this podcast is intended to inspire, educate, and support you on your personal journey. It does not substitute for professional mental health advice. I am not a psychologist or medical professional. If you are experiencing any emotional distress, mental health challenges, or medical conditions, please seek help from a qualified professional.