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(#33) Journaling for Wood Season and Breathwork for an Energetic Reset

Your host Rae is back with a solo-episode to support you in all things wood season! Wood season begins on March 19th* and ends at the summer solstice. It's all about expression, abundance, receiving, and refinement. Return back to this episode anytime you might need:

  • A shift in perspective or energy
  • A "pick me up" through connection with your breath and body
  • To connect deeply with your energy, body, and breath
  • To release stress and tension
  • To cleanse your energy from the inside, out

Listen to today's episode to receive:

  • Learn what wood season is all about and how you can go with the flow of nature
  • How to lean into the seasons of your life
  • Journaling prompts to set the next three months up for success
  • An activating breathwork practice for energetic cleansing that you can use at anytime

The breath pattern for today's practice includes:

  • (1 min) of the Bliss Breath. Forced exhale through the nose, natural inhale.
  • Top Hold
  • Bottom Hold
  • Repeat the above cycle 3x
  • (1 min) Meditate

***Do not participate in breathwork while driving***

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Disclaimer: Please remember that the information shared on this podcast is intended to inspire, educate, and support you on your personal journey. It does not substitute for professional mental health advice. I am not a psychologist or medical professional. If you are experiencing any emotional distress, mental health challenges, or medical conditions, please seek help from a qualified professional.