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(#39) Behind the Scenes of Podcasting and How You Can Get Yours Started TODAY!

Your host Rae shares about the behind the scenes of starting your own podcast! Rae gets asked often by fellow entrepreneurs, friends, and family on how to get started on creating a podcast so she's compiled common questions in the hopes that it will help you on your journey. Did you like hearing more about the biz side of things? Let Rae know so she can share more!

Tune in to this episode to receive:

  • The benefits of having your own podcast and how it is helpful when you have your own business
  • How to get started with the tech aspects of creating your own podcast 
  • To use an outline, or not? Learn about the different approaches and which one might work best for you
  • How to find guests that are already in your network, and how to vet guests from outside of your network
  • Top 3 tips for getting started with your podcast today


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Disclaimer: Please remember that the information shared on this podcast is intended to inspire, educate, and support you on your personal journey. It does not substitute for professional mental health advice. I am not a psychologist or medical professional. If you are experiencing any emotional distress, mental health challenges, or medical conditions, please seek help from a qualified professional.