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Breathwork for Anxiety

Inhale Confidence〜Exhale Doubt

 Somatic Therapy & Breathwork Coaching with Rachel Kraft to calm your mind, overcome stress, and empower your purpose

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Breathwork Techniques for Mind-Body Connection

A FREE comprehensive E-Book to Energize Your Mind-Body Connection while supporting yourself on your journey of self-discovery and transformation.


Breathwork and Nervous System Regulation 

I'm Rachel Kraft, a certified Breathwork Facilitator and Somatic Therapy Coach. I use personalized techniques like breathwork, inner-child healing, somatic therapy practices, and journaling to help women achieve their goals.

Life transitions can be overwhelming. I'm here to guide you through it with resilience!

I'm obsessed with:
✴︎ Building a strong mind-body connection to overcome stress, heal anxiety, and reach your potential.
✴︎ Tailoring your journey using trauma-informed approaches to create safety and meet you where you are.
✴︎ Helping you navigate milestones and new chapters with mindfulness, courage, and joyful self-discovery.
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Find Your Breath 〜 Find Your Peace



The Embodied Woman individual coaching journey is the best way to receive my 1-on-1 support with experiences tailored to your specific needs. Take the first step by submitting an inquiry form today. 
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Enhance your well-being with our live virtual masterclass series to calm anxiety, open your heart, and step into your next-level self. Sessions are held once a month and recorded if you cannot attend live.

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I would recommend this experience for anyone who is on a healing journey and wants to more deeply explore and understand how their feelings feel in their body!

Breathwork Participant

I was able to forgive versions of myself that were really affecting and conditioning me!

Jessica B

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

I’ve experienced such massive breakthroughs during our breathwork sessions and have gone through a huge transformation!

Jamie W.


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Learn How to Build Your Own Breathwork Practice

A FREE comprehensive E-Book to Energize Your Mind-Body Connection while supporting yourself on your journey of self discovery and transformation.


The Raediant Life Podcast 

Through candid discussions, Rachel Kraft explores how to heal the past, embrace the present, and create your future. Gain insights on navigating life's challenges, reducing anxiety, holistic healing, spirituality, wellness, growth mindset, and overall well-being.

Expect interesting, honest, and uplifting perspectives. Walk away with tools and motivation to overcome obstacles, foster inner peace, and consciously create your desired life.

Join empowering conversations that heal, inspire, and guide you to live your best life.

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