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How to Process Trauma: 3 Phases to Help You Overcome

anxiety trauma Nov 02, 2022
An opened dictionary to the highlighted word of Trauma. A doctor's stethoscope rests over the word Trauma

Processing and overcoming trauma is no easy task, and people process trauma differently.

Once you start your road to recovery, it's crucial first to understand the three phases of processing trauma. If you can understand how trauma affects your body, it will be easier to process and overcome. Here are the three phases of processing trauma from a somatic body-based approach to healing:

  1. Reconnect with Sensory Awareness: Moving at the individual's pace, reconnecting with sensory awareness. This is the ability to feel sensations in the body. Over time, there has been a disconnection from our innate internal knowing and instinctual responses of "yes" or "no." This phase is created to reconnect with safety, ease, and connection.
  2. Memory & Experience Recall: This phase includes building the capacity, emotional awareness, and sensory safety to navigate trauma. Using consent-based, trauma-informed practices, bringing memories into the light with acceptance of the full range of human emotion, feeling, and sensory experience.
  3. Reintegration: Reintegrating the new self-discovery and sense of self into your identity and relationships. This includes embracing and embodying what you've learned about yourself along the way and at your pace. What have you let go of? What have you reframed? What have you learned about yourself?

It's essential to move through these three phases at your own pace. Processing trauma (little t or big T) builds the resilience to process future traumatic events.⁠ Over time, this creates the ability to self-regulate, improves decision-making, and enhances relationships and communication.⁠

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