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Why Try Somatic Breathwork with Rae the Anxiety Coach?

anxiety breathwork stress Oct 28, 2022
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The practice of somatic breathwork is an active meditation technique that supports clearing out the body of unprocessed or stagnant energy and emotion. ⁠ The first time I discovered this body of work, I was speechless.

I would spend so much time in my head that when breathwork silenced the noise, I felt such a sense of safety and relief. I felt the calmest and at ease after my somatic breathwork practices. This is why I've incorporated Somatic Breathwork into my morning routine.

Today, I have a daily breathwork practice that keeps me grounded, clear-headed, and connected to myself. The benefits of Somatic Breathwork are endless. Here are a few important benefits...

  1. Increases in attention and focus⁠
  2. Rewires the brain to release old patterns and create new ones⁠
  3. Releases tension and emotionality held within the body⁠
  4. Increases overall well-being⁠
  5. Processes and releases trauma⁠
  6. Shifts your state/energy/mood⁠

I highly recommend that you give somatic breathwork a try if you're suffering from stress, anxiety, overwhelm, grief, and/or perfectionism. As part of my practice, I've launched a program that incorporates Somatic Breathwork and other beneficial practices. It's called Alignment Mastery, a three-month, 1:1 coaching and breathwork program, created to support you in healing anxiety, building confidence, and calming the chaos. 

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