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What is Breathwork?

anxiety breathwork feeling stuck Aug 22, 2022
a woman doing a breathwork practice to help with her anxiety

What is breathwork?
Breathwork includes different types of breathing exercises and techniques. Breathwork is helpful in improving mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. During a breathwork session, you intentionally change your breathing patterns following the cues of the facilitator. There are many forms of breathwork practices that involve breathing in a mindful and systematic way.

Can breathwork help with trauma?
Breathwork can assist in processing and releasing the occurrence of trauma. Similar to the breathwork practices for managing stress and anxiety, breathwork for trauma can assist in releasing, healing, and restoring different parts of ourselves that have been impacted by traumatic experiences.

Why is breathwork so impactful?
Breathwork assists in reducing stress, creates feelings of love, gratitude, peace, openness, love, clarity, connection and communication. Breathwork is very effective in releasing physical, mental, and emotional blocks, as well as fear, anger, anxiety, depression, and grief.

What types of breathwork practices help with stress and anxiety?
4-7-8 breathing
Pranayama breathing
Somatic breathwork
Box breathing
And many other forms of breathing

What can you expect after a breathwork session?
Breathwork brings upon lots of sensations and emotions, as well as peace and new perspectives. At the end of a breathwork practice, people report an array of feelings such as increased calmness, balance, energy, positivity, and clarity. Typically, anxiety is reduced and there can be an accompanying feeling of freedom from stress related tension.

How many times a week should you do breathwork?
If you want to incorporate breath work into your daily routine, many facilitators and experts recommend setting aside 15-45 minutes each morning or multiple times per week. It is also recommended that stress and anxiety sufferers incorporate shorter 3-5-minute practices throughout the day. Some people incorporate breathwork practices for up to an hour or more each day.

How long should a breathwork session last?
Each breathwork session offered by Rae the Anxiety Coach is 60 minutes long. The first 15-20 minutes is used to discuss intentions and establish an area that needs healing. The actual breathwork session will last for about 30-40 minutes, leaving the last 10-15 minutes for reflection.

Can you do breathwork by yourself?
Yes. It is highly recommended that people work with certified breathwork facilitators to maximize their experience and results.

Is breathwork scientifically proven to be effective?
It's been scientifically proven that breathwork and deep breathing affects the heart, the brain, digestion, the immune system. Research has shown that breathwork can immediately effect blood pressure and other areas of the body where stress and anxiety are rooted.


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