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Why Journaling Helps Anxiety

Dec 17, 2022
A woman writing in a journal with candles and a cup of coffee

Anxiety can feel like you're constantly in a state of worry and fear, which can be challenging to manageJournaling is an effective way to help anxiety sufferers cope with their symptoms.  

Journaling has been shown to help reduce anxiety's physical and emotional symptomsIt can help to relieve tension and stress by allowing you to express your feelings and thoughts safely and constructivelyWriting down your thoughts can help to clear your head and clarify your anxious thoughtsIt can also help you identify patterns in your thinking and behavior, which can help you better understand and manage your anxiety.  

Journaling also provides a way to track your progress and document your recovery journeyWriting down your thoughts and feelings can help normalize your experience and provide evidence of your progressThis can be incredibly empowering and encouraging and can help to boost your confidence and self-esteem.  

Journaling can also be a great way to practice self-care and build resilienceTaking the time to write down your thoughts and feelings can help to provide perspective and a sense of control over your anxietyIt can also help to build self-awareness and help you to understand your triggers and responsesJournaling is a great way to help manage anxiety and its symptomsIt can relieve stress and worry, as well as a sense of empowerment and progressSo if you're feeling anxiety, why not try it

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